Hi, I'm Luís. I trained as a scientist (Physics/Astronomy), but now i'm more of an artist.
Among other things I develop science visualization animations and illustrations full-time at the European Southern Observatory, in Garching near Munich.
I also created, together with Mariana Barrosa and Pedro Russo, the science communication company Science Office (which has created content for, among many others, the European Space Agency and the German Aerospace Center, DLR). Science Office has recently been acquired by dutch company EJR-Quartz. 
I spend a chunk of my free time making music. As my own project Azul Cobalto, recently together with the dutch musician Alexander Idema as IN.TRU.SO, and in the past I've had the privilege of collaborating with the Portuguese producer, dj and multi-instrumentalist Luis Clara Gomes in his project Moullinex, having played as a bass player in some of his early music.
When I still have some free time left, I like to grab my camera and do some photography. I'm mostly interested in candid, reportage and street photography and occasionally night-sky photography.